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I’m finally gonna share this lil’ gem of a burger joint that I’ve proudly proclaimed as my numero uno burger spot: Li’l Woody’s. Sittin’ in Capitol Hill off E. Pine and Minor, Li’l Woody’s is a small independently owned burger spot serving delectable burgers using hand formed Painted Hills ground beef. As you step through the wood-framed glass door, you’ll notice their menu on the right wall. Ahead you see a small ordering counter followed by the the kitchen/grill area. On the adjacent wall, there are two soda coolers offering various bottled sodas. There is a small dining area atop the stairs and even fewer seating on the ground floor.


entrance off e pine





order/pick up counter & kitchen

The Food:


basket of fries $3.5

These hand-cut fries remind me of the kind you get at Dick’s – minus the oil seaping through the paper bag. They’re crispy, well seasoned, freshly made and tasty. For a little extra, you can get them topped with homemade queso sauce or with a side of Molly Moon’s milkshake for dipping… aka crack.


good mornin’ woody: 2 eggs, hills bacon, tomato, tillamook cheddar , rooster mayo $4.5

Despite being a “breakfast” sandwich, the good mornin’ woody is very hearty.  It’s essentially a complete breafast meal between two buns. The bacon was thick cut and crispy while the gooey cheddar melted over the egg. The tomato adds a nice flavor contrast and the rooster mayo (spicy mayo) had the adequate heat to wake those taste buds – acting like the hot sauce you pour atop your eggs.


li’l woody: 1/4 lb. burger, tillamook cheddar, chopped onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo $4.5

Cherry normally goes with the Li’l Woody and rightfully so. The one thing that always stands out with Li’l Woody’s, and a main reason why they’re my top, is quality of their beef. I’ve had several off their signature burgers and each and every one has been fresh, flavorful and juicy. In these cases, juicy does not mean greasy. That being said, the cheddar cheese is perfectly melted while the onions and pickle add both texture and countering sharp and pickled flavors. It’s a perfect burger for those who prefer a more classic cheeseburger.



picnic burger (burger of the week): potato chips, pepperoncini, cheddar, coleslaw, ranch $8.5

Li’l Woody’s has a rotating burger of the week menu that’s usually creative and a li’l out there… and this week just so happened to be the picnic burger. I actually had to read the menu twice just to make sure I was reading it correct: coleslaw and potato chips in a burger?! The friendly woman behind the counter assured me it was “delicious” and highly recommended it. When they called my name for my order, I was expecting to see a sloppy stack of ingredients between two buns itchin’ to be an accident on someone’s shirt or pants. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this burger was cleanly made. I did however, have to excersize the  hand press technique to be able to fit everything in one bite. The first thing I noticed was the crunch of the potato chips and then a bright mild spice of the pepperoncini. Adding to this picnic, was the cool crunch of the coleslaw. The ranch provided a creamy flavor, while unfortunately, the cheddar was someone lost in the shuffle. A second reason why Li’l Woody’s is on top is their buns – which seem like potato buns to me. In an article in Seattle Weekly, owner Marcus Lalario would only share that their buns come from Tacoma. Wherever they come from, they’re always very delicious, soft and stable enough to keep from falling apart.

My Conclusion:

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across something great and want to share it with everyone so they can experience it too… but at the same time, feel torn to because you want to keep it all for yourself?  That’s how I am about Li’l Woody’s… hence, why it’s taken me so long to write this review.  Everything on their menu is delicious and highly satisfying. If you’re one that doesn’t partake in the eating of meat, don’t shy away – they also offer a black bean burger, which I haven’t tried personally but I’m sure won’t dissapoint. I’m sure there are countless arugments of who has the best burger in Seattle, however Li’l Woody’s sits atop that category for me… and frankly, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter 🙂

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