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The other night Cherry and I went to pick up our finished pieces from a “blow your own glass” spot in downtown Renton. As we were walking back to the car we were hungry and spotted this newer looking building standing out against the much older buildings nearby. Sitting on 4th Ave S between Williams and Wells, Whistle Stop Ale House is a locally owned and operated neighborhood pub serving American style foods accompanied with a nice selection of European beers and local microbrews. The first thing I noticed walking in, were the vintage bicycles hanging from the ceiling and the large old-fashioned wooden bar. There’s also a little wall separating the bar from the rest of the restaurant lined with old bar taps across the top. We were greeted when we entered and immediately seated. Before you read any further, I apologize for some quality of the pictures, I had to work with my cell phone camera which couldn’t handle the dim lighting too well.


entrance from 4th ave s.





The Food:


toasted pesto bread: baguette topped with basil-pesto, tomato, red onion and melted provolone $6.99

Very simple but tasty appetizer. The 6 slices of baguette, which had a nice crunch, were stacked upright on a huge bed of mixed greens – like how you stack logs before a bonfire. The cheese was nicely melted and the pesto wasn’t overpowering. The onion and tomato added nice countering flavors each bite. The amount of greens they used under the bread was enough to be a full dinner salad! I should’ve asked for a side of dressing ūüėČ


burger de jour: 1/3 lb. misty isle natural angus beef, roasted red peppers, crispy onion fries, provolone lettuce, tomato $10.99

The open-faced presentation was appealing in that it allows you to see everything inside the burger. The burger tasted fresh and clean but lacked seasoning. The seasoning it lacked however, was compensated by the onion fries which were crispy and salty and roasted red peppers which had some spice. The burger didn’t need ketchup or any¬†sauce for that matter because of how moist the red peppers were. The provolone was also perfectly melted and blended everything together nicely. Aside from having a nice crunch, the fries were average.


windsor station: 1/3 misty isle natural angus beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, *honey smoke bacon $ 10.49

The¬†Windsor Station¬†is your quintessential cheeseburger. It normally costs $7.99, but I splurged and paid an extra $2.50 to make it a bacon cheeseburger. The honey smoked bacon was thick cut, very flavorful and the burger was cooked to a perfect medium rare. ¬†The cheddar cheese was nicely melted and everything else came together like a solid¬†burger should. Normally a good thing, the burger buns were a little too soft for my liking for both Cherry and my burger. The mere lifting of the burger in my hands caused major imprints in the buns and I worried they’d begin to fall apart. I was able to finish the burger without the bun falling apart but it did require a the delicate handling of a professional.

My conclusion:

The Whistle Stop Ale House is a fun and family friendly pub that offers good local food and a beer selection that will please the masses. The best part of this visit was actually on our way out. I struck up a conversation with the restaurant owner, Jeff, who happens to be an awesome guy! He gave us a little background of how he got started and even offered a handful of recommendations for other mom & pop¬†restaurants in the downtown Renton area. It’s always a gratifying feeling for me, when supporting the local businesses –¬†us lil’ people gotta stick together!¬†If you’re at all interested in finding out where else to eat in Renton (aside from Whistle Stop), then come by and ask Jeff¬†yourself!

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Cherry and I were in the North Lynnwood area and found a nice and newer restaurant called, Indigo Kitchen and Ale House. As soon as we entered, the hostess greeted us and sat us at our table with our menus. The interior was dimly lit and decorated with dark colors and accents of blue. Being that it was still early in the evening, there was still plenty of sunlight coming through the two full walls of windows. There is also a large bar on one side of the restaurant featuring 20 different beers on tap as well as a large selection of cocktails and liquor.

The Food:

baby back ribs with sweet potato fries and spicy slaw $16.99

meaty and sweet potato goodness

When this plate came out, Cherry’s eyes glistened and grew like a kid on Christmas morning. This half-rack of ribs¬†was huge and the amount of meat on them is comparable to the amount of¬†a full rack at other restaurants. The meat was moist, tender and really did¬†fall off the bone! There was also great rich flavors throughout with¬†some extra housemade rootbeer bbq sauce on the side for dipping. The rootbeer bbq sauce was very sweet and didn’t carry much tanginess or kick ¬†like a traditional bbq sauce. Nevertheless the ribs alone were awesome – generously portioned and finger licking good! If that wasn’t good enough, the sweet potato fries that it came with almost outshined everything! These fries were unlike any other sweet potato fries I have ever had – there was substance! These were thickly cut, fried perfectly and minimully seasoned to really bring out the sweet potato flavor. Each bite gave a very soft and almost creamy flavor that reminded me of warm pumpkin pie but there was also a nice crunch that came from being fried.


 beer battered fish and chips with spicy slaw $13.99

If you’ve been following my blog, then you can probably recognize that I am a sucker for some good ‘ol fish and chips. But who isn’t!?¬†Two importants things I look for in fish and chips (aside from great crunch) is fresh and clean tasting fish. Being fresh is¬†fairly self-explanatory, but what do I mean by tasting clean?¬†Simply put,¬†clean tasting fish doesn’t taste (or smell) fishy. Ever smelled last night’s fish or seafood that’s been reheated in the microwave? Not clean. Ever eaten a piece of fresh sashimi? Clean. But back to the fish and chips… served with three decent sized pieces of cod, a plate¬†of fries and¬†spicy slaw, this reasonably priced dish definitely will fill you up. The batter was light, crunchy and maintained¬†good bite even¬†with the squeezed lemon atop. Not only were these pieces of fish fresh and clean, they also had a light quality to them – no residual oils dripping from of out of the fish. The natural cut fries were seasoned lighly and tasted good and this dish was also served with spicy slaw. What I enjoyed most about the spicy slaw¬†is the nice balance of heat and creamy tartness.


My Conclusion:

With a darker and minimally decorated interior, Indigo is one of the better restaurants Cherry and I have been to. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick drink, enjoying their delicious happy hour menu or feasting on their plates that could fulfill the heartiest of appetites, there is something for everyone here.

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