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There are only a handful of things that will get me out of bed before 9am on a Sunday morning… two of which are the Seahawks game and brunch with good friends! It just so happens, that this past Sunday, Cherry and I were able to knock both those *birds with one stone. Kind of  like a Russian Nesting Doll, Biscuit Bitch is located within the walls of Caffé Lieto on 1st and Stewart near Pike Place Market. It is a fairly small cafe with seating for maybe 10 and not much more standing room, but there’s enough spunk and attitude to go around! Warning, you will be caught off guard when you first hear someone walk up and say, “Can I get a Straight-Up Bitch?”

biscuitbitch.entranceentrance off 1st ave

biscuitbitch.counterordering counter

biscuitbitch.menumenu, btich!

biscuitbitch.ovenretro oven

biscuitbitch.ipadsoo seattle!

The Food:

biscuitbitch.dinerbreakfastbitch diner breakfast: 2 eggs any style, fried ham or sausage patties, and a big-ass biscuit 7.2

Simple and well made breakfast for m’lady. She went with the scrambled variety of eggs and the fried ham. Both the eggs and ham were cooked nicely, but the star of the plate (as well as most every dish on the breakfast menu) is the homemade biscuit. First off, they’re huge and all prepared from scratch. They also bake them all in a sweet retro oven you would find in June Cleavers kitchen. They’re buttery and fluffy on the inside and carry a firm almost crunchy texture on the outside.

biscuitbitch.hotmesshot mess bitch: biscuit & gravy, eggs & grits smothered in cheese, topped with a grilled louisiana hot link and jalapenos 10.8

 Every time I have breakfast/brunch, no matter where it is, I always walk out saying to Cherry, “I’m gonna order something sweet next time.. like French Toast or pancakes…” However, time and time again, I always gravitate towards the savory, meaty and artery-clogging dishes… enter the hot mess bitch. When they called our order ready, I walked up to counter and could barely carry the plate on one hand back to our table! (my friend Derrec ordered the same so got both of ours.) It was a mountain of savory delight – the big biscuit literally sat underneath a mound of gluttony. The gravy was rich, the egg was cooked well and the hot link provided a solid kick to the end of each bite. The jalapenos were of the pickled variety you can find in any canned food section of your grocery store and they surprisingly didn’t carry as much heat as the hot link! The biscuit, delicious on it’s own, didn’t shine to it’s potential however, due to the gravy and other flavors stealing it’s thunder. The grits were flavorless and I could have done without them. If this plate were a family portrait, the grits would be that awkward 3rd cousin, whose name you don’t remember and whose face gets blocked out by your Aunt Linda’s big hair.

My Conclusion:

Biscuit Bitch is a bitch you ain’t gonna wanna reckon with… The menu items may offend some but will please many (including vegetarians and those ‘GF’ people) and the servers are equally rad! Keep in mind this is a cafe, so there’s no table service – you have to do all your ordering at the counter. Ohh, and they’re green too! Their register is an iPad where customers can swipe their card and type in how they want their receipt; by email or by text… they’re sooo Seattle.

biscuitbitch.seahawks*post-brunch hawks game with the crew. go seahawks!!!

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Cherry and I are always looking for great breakfast joints and having read a lot of positive things about Geraldine’s Counter, we decided to come here for a Sunday Brunch. Located in the heart of Columbia City, Geraldine’s Counter sits right on the corner of Rainer Ave S and S Ferdinant St. As we approached, the first thing we noticed was the mob of people waiting outside for a table… a bitter-sweet scenario for someone that’s already hungry! The interior is very bright with an abundance of windows providing ample natural light. There is a very modern feel to this diner, due to the brightly painted walls and simple tables and chairs. Also throughout the diner, there are many paintings for sale by various artists.



The Food:


biscuits and gravy: homemade biscuits topped with pork sausage gravy, served with two eggs any style and hash browns

The star of this dish was definitely the gravy. There was rich flavors from the chunks of sausage and seasonings with great consistancy. The hearty biscuit did a wonderful job soaking in all the gravy goodness and also had a rich buttery flavor even without any gravy. The scrambled eggs and hashbrowns were done well and did a good job complimenting this dish.


geraldine’s casserole: hash browns, sausage, pepperjack, cheddar, eggs and cream layered with pico de gallo & served with toast

Whenever I think of breakfast, the things that come to mind are usually; eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, pancakes and waffles – not a casserole. So when I saw Geraldine’s Casserole on the menu, which embodied all those breakfast staples (minus the pancakes/waffles), it just made sense to order it! Served in a small casserole dish, it looked delicious –  almost a sin to dig into it! Under that top layer of egg was a very nice blend of sausage, pepperjack, hashbrowns and cream. Everything came together well, but one thing I would have liked to see was more sausage. Topping the casserole was a melted layer of chedder and fresh pico de gallo. I love pico de gallo by itself, and in this case, it added a nice kick of fresh and bright flavor!


strawberry & banana coffee cake

The homemade coffee cake was delicious. It had a good crunchy top layer and a moist and warm inside. The fresh strawberries and banana really made this coffee cake pop. Everything about this was great!


My Conclusion:

What’s awesome about Geraldine’s Counter is that they serve breakfast all day! Who doesn’t enjoy having breakfast for dinner from time to time!? But breakfast isn’t the only thing done well here. There is also a large lunch and dinner menu as well – offering diner favorites. At the end of the day, I can confindently say Geraldine’s Counter is a spot worth coming to… again… and again.

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