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Here we are, the final stretch!! It’s been a long and tough trip but my stomach is grateful to see the finish line! Here are the final two stops on our Seattle Pizza Tour!

4. Amantes Pizza

roma pizza: grilled garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, red onions and feta cheese

As if the previous three stops on this Seattle Pizza Tour wasn’t enough, Cherry and I had to order Amante’s Pizza. Amante’s isn’t listed on the “Top 50” list but these lists are all subjective right? In our case, Amante’s has been our Anniversary tradition ever since the beginning, and they have always served delicious pizza with gourmet ingredients. The Roma Pizza had great flavor throughout. The garlic in the chicken didn’t come through as much as I liked, but the roasted red peppers and the red onions were very flavorful – each ingredient complimenting one another. The Feta cheese also added another nice layer of flavor to the overall pizza. One thing I really like about Amantes is the layer of cheese covering everything. Some pizza places put down the cheese first and then the toppings on top, however I prefer having the toppings under the cheese. Sort of reminds me of a deep dish pizza. When it comes to pizza, to me, there are three camps: the Gary Paytons (the Superstar), the Pedja Drobnjaks (the goofy (and disregarded bench warmer) and the Nate McMillans (consistent and dependable). Amante’s is my Nate McMillan.

5. Serious Pie

roasted hedgehog mushrooms, truffle chesese

penn cove clams, house pancetta, lemon thyme

 In saving the best for last fashion, we decided to indulge and jump into the upper echelon of pizza – Serious Pie. For the past several years, Serious Pie has always come up as one of (if not thee) best pizza on Seattle. A majority of the sites rank it as numero uno and I’ve even seen it featured on foodnetworks the best thing I ever ate. With all this hype surrounding Serious Pie and my passion for pie, it made sense that we came here. My conclusion…. Why did we not come here sooner!? We initially ordered just one pie – the mushroom. But after seeing several orders come out with two to three pies on each table… we were peer pressured into ordering a second pie – the clam. When the mushroom came out, it was visually a very delicious looking pie. They say that we first eat with our eyes, and we definitely liked what we saw. The hedgehog mushrooms were covered with truffle cheese and sprinkled with parsley. Biting into the pizza was like bliss. The heavenly collaboration of the wood-fire baked crust, the creamy cheese and sweet tender texture of the mushrooms, ranked up there as texturally, one of the best bites I’ve had. I’ve never had hedgehog mushrooms before coming here, so I didn’t know what to expect. They had great flavor with a surprising sweetness to them and was definitely the star of the show. Needless to say we devoured it- we actually had to hold back as to not look like starving animals. The clam pizza was also very delicious. Before we even got to Serious Pie, I mentioned that they have a pizza with clams as a topping. Cherry without hesitation stated, “Um, no… I’m not trying that! There are some things that don’t belong on pizza, and clams are one of them!”  I ordered it anyway. After her first bite and while still chewing she mumbled, “It’s really good!” The clammy flavor worked perfectly with the pancetta. There was also crushed red pepper  that added a nice kick of heat to each bite. This pie gets my serious recommendation! One thing I want to make clear is that the pies offered at Serious Pie do not look like your traditional “round” pizza with a crust on one end. They resemble more closely to flat bread. Regardless how you interpret what you are served, there is no mistaking how you feel after you eat here, fulfilled… seriously.


My conclusion:

When it comes to pizza, Seattle might not get the pizza notoriety as say, Chicago or New York, however, they definitely hold their own in this huge field of heavy-hitters! For pizza enthusiasts, Seattle definitely has a slice to satisfy everyone’s personal needs and tastes. From the late night greasy hole-in-wall joints that satisfy a night in the bars, to more upscale establishments where all you’ll see are suits and briefcases. Seattle is like the peddler selling goods at a barbershop – she’s got anything you need.

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Pizza is definitely one of my favorite foods in the entire World, so what better way to express my love for pizza than a Seattle Pizza Tour!? This past weekend (as part of our Anniversary weekend), Cherry  planned out a 2-day pizza tour. Sampling several pizza joints that Urban Spoons lists as, Top Pizza Places in Seattle!   were were on mission!

Ready… Set…GOOO!!!

1.) Talarico’s

entrance from the outside

large bar


drunken sicilian; cascioppo brothers italian sausage, beer braised onions, green peppers, provolone cheese, mozzarella and marinara

Our first stop was Talarico’s in West Seattle. When it comes to pizza, there’s no mistaking what you’re getting at here – East coast style pizza. They are especially known for their ginormous, made to order slices that measure 14” in length!! Needless to say, each slice is the equivalent to two or maybe even three slices at any other place. The restaurant’s interior has a very “east coast” feel with dark wood throughout the entire restaurant and several booths that I could picture an Italian mobster sitting in. There is also a very large bar that’s centralized in the restaurant allowing easy access from anywhere. The Pepperoni was tasty with a generous helping of pepperoni. But like most pepperoni pizza, it was very greasy! The Drunken Sicilian had a good amount of sausage with sliced provolone on top. The beer braised onions added a nice caramelized sweetness to the savory sausage and sharp green bell peppers. I would have liked to see the onions more evenly spread atop the slice, instead they were just all clumped in the middle. The crust on both pizzas was very good – having a nice combination of crunch on the underside and soft interior on the end crust. The menu also offers a large variety of pastas, but their selling point is definitely the pizza!

2.) Veraci’s

mushroom pizza

Our second stop was more of an unexpected one. We decided to go to the Fremont Sunday Market and upon meandering through, we were pleasantly surprised to see a Veraci’s stand serving  up some fresh pizza. They had a portable wood fire oven and offered three choices: pepperoni, cheese and mushroom. I chose the mushroom and it was quite tasty. One of my favorite things about wood-fire pizza is the crust and the pizza here definitely had a great crust with good char and crunch.

3.) Hot Mama’s Pizza

inside view


tomatoe, mushroom, basil & garlic

hawaiian & pesto

By this time we were already full from a day’s worth of pizza, but we still have hard work to do! Hot Mama’s Pizza is ranked in the top 10, so sacrifices had to be made in order to taste their offerings! Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Hot Mama is your quintessential, “hole in wall.” There’s nothing fancy here, and  from my initial first glance, their cleanliness is suspect too! Nevertheless, we had to try their pizza. There’s about 4-pizzas at any given time to choose from and also a hidden area behind the register. Cherry went with a slice of sausage and also hawaiian, I went with the tomato, basil, mushroom and garlic pizza and a slice of pesto. Everything about each pizza worked well. The tomato sauce they use isn’t overpowering and has a pleasant hint of sweetness to compliment all the savory toppings. The Pesto had a nice rich flavor and also pieces of feta sprinkled on top that added a nice contrast my bite. Overall, Hot Mama’s does pizza well and would definitely say it was one of the top places I’ve tried so far!

… the tour continues…

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