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Shawn O’Donnell’s is a fun restaurant literally tucked between two gas stations off 128th in Everett. If the name doesn’t tip you off, then as soon as you walk in, there is no question that you have stepped into an Irish Pub. There is a large wooden bar in the middle of the restaurant offering a huge selection of Irish lagers as well as domestic brews. Also displaced around the bar, are several TV screens showing various sports games. One thing I found unique were the vintage magic show posters throughout the restaurant. From the articles displayed on the wall, the owner, Shawn O’Donnell is an avid magic enthusiast. There are many old posters of famous Magicians such as, Houdini and Copperfield!

dining floor



The Food:

pub club: smoked turkey, thick sliced bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, leaf lettuce

A club sandwich is a staple of any respectable  Grill/Pub and Shawn O’Donnell’s is definitely on this list. All of the ingredients in this sandwich came together very nicely to provide a wonderful bite. White-meat turkey is usually too dry for me, however this smoked turkey was tender, moist and very tasty. The bacon also came as advertised, thick!  And also carried good savory flavor. The rest of the ingredients were just the icing on the cake- the melted swiss, fresh tomato and crisp letture. The bread was also noteworty – not too dry or too buttered.  This club sandwhich was excellent. Cherry stated, “This is probably the best club sandwich I’ve ever had!” 

fish and chips: lightly breaded white cod, home-made tartar, fries

 I’m a sucker for fish and chips so it was a no brainer to order these! When my meal came out, I had four decent sized pieces of fried cod and a basket of fries – nothing fancy but everything I wanted. The fish was perfectly fried and had excellent crunch! The batter maintained ideal texture throughout and didn’t get soft even after I squeezed lemon juice atop. Another thing that really stood out was the flavor – the batter had great flavor that did well complimenting the freshness of the fish. As far as I’m concerned, these pieces of fish had everything I look for in fish and chips – thick cuts of fish, perfect crunch and great flavored batter! Their home-made tartar was also very tasty! There were pieces of diced onions that did a nice job cutting through the sweet and creamy flavor of the tartar sauce. The chips served were also delicious. These natural-cut fries were cooked just right and seasoned with just the right amount of salt.

My Conclusion:

This was my first time eating at an “Irish” restaurant, and although the items we ordered weren’t the most traditional Irish dishes, they showed much promise and appeal. Looking through the menu, there were a ton of dishes I would want to try next time I eat here…because I am definitely coming back! I am sure there something for everyone here at Shawn O’Donnells; from Bangers and Mash and Shepards Pie to a large variety of burgers and seafood and other land fare. The only thing missing from my magical meal was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


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Lanna Thai

Anyone who enjoys big flavors will undoubtedly have Thai food among their favorites. For me, this is definitely the case! My wife and I really enjoy the bold & aromatic flavor profiles that Thai foods bring, but in addition to that, we of course love spice! Lanna Thai is a very nice restaurant located on Evergreen Way, North of the Boeing Freeway in Everett. Located in an almost barren strip mall, its brightly lit sign acts like a lighthouse – directing people to its direction. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the interior design – there is a nice balance of Thai influence with modern décor. It is very obvious to see that time was taken to decorate the restaurant – from the beautiful Thai inspired murals and paintings to the individual leaves that are hung on wires from the ceiling. There are two dining areas (upper and lower) separated by a low standing wall. If you dine in the upper area, you are able to see the entire restaurant floor – the entry way, bar area and open kitchen. The service was very prompt (our glasses were constantly being filled) and our server was very polite. I always enjoy being able to see into a kitchen and on this particular Friday night, there were 5-cooks on the line busily busting out orders.

lighthouse-esque signage

thai inspired mural 


The Food:

 fried calamari

chicken phad thai

chili paste fried rice

The Review:

The calamari was prepared perfectly.  Lightly  breaded and pan fried, these bite-sized pieces had a good initial crunch and then almost butter like flavor. The breading melted in my mouth as I bit into the squid. One thing that really stood out was how “light” this dish was. I was able to get all the fried food happiness without the “greasy gut” regrets! The more sweet than tangy dipping sauce was also a good pairing and added great contrast to the dish.

When someone thinks of Thai food in this country, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Phad Thai. So naturally, Cherry uses it as her benchmark – determining whether or not the restaurant we’re eating at is good. One of the biggest components to a good phad thai, in my opinion, is the sauce. The additional ingredients (meat, egg, sprouts, and peanuts) are all toppings on a sundae – insignificant if you have a crappy sundae…and Lanna Thai serves a good sundae! Their sauce is very flavorful and unlike many other phad thai dishes we have  tried that taste like spicy ketchup paste, you can really taste the individual ingredients layered atop each other. The extra ingredients to this dish were definitely the perfect toppings.

Growing up in Chinese household, fried rice, to me, is a very safe and unexciting dish. So unexciting in fact, that my mom rarely cooked it! Fried rice tends to have the negative connotation that it is “left over rice, stir fried with left over veggies/meats” and at my home, that was usually the case. So I had to dig deep, step out of my preconceived notions and try something I wouldn’t normally try. The end result – I was pleased. Thai fried rice is very different than Chinese fried rice. Instead of having a smorgasbord of ingredients, Thai fried rice highlights on just a few; the sauce, the meat and one or two vegetables. Like phad thai, the focal point of this dish was the chili paste sauce. We didn’t get it very spicy, but even at two-stars, each bite had a nice spicy undertone to it. The chili paste sauce added good texture to the rice and was countered well by the fresh taste of the cucumber and subtle sweetness of the quartered tomato slices. Everything came together very well to provide a delicious dish.


My conclusion:

To date, my wife and I have been to about 15 Thai Restaurants in the Greater Seattle area and Lanna Thai stands at the top. From the inviting and comforting décor to the well prepared and delicious dishes, Lanna Thai is a place everyone needs to discover for themselves.

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