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Last night, Cherry and I finally made it out to Kylie’s Chicago Pizza.  Located off Fremont Ave N and 36th on the bottom floor of a commerial building, Kylie’s is a small restaurant with seating for roughly 25. Generating a lot of positive buzz, they serve Chicago inspired deep dish pizza. As soon as I stepped in, I noticed bright red walls displaying local prints/paintings for sale and a very small hostess stand in the front with the kitchen directly behind. The right half of the space looked to be going under a remodel – as there were primed walls and very few tables.



entrance from fremont ave n.



tables n’ windows



local art


The Food:


chicken wings: $9

These baked chicken wings were plump and juicy. Their sauce carried a nice heat which was countered well by the sharp and salty blue cheese. The wings were also served with halved baby carrots. During Happy Hour, (4pm-6pm) wings are $3 off.



small chicago classic: sweet fennel sausage, onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms $17

If you’re not familiar with “Chicago style” pizza, it is traditionally deep dish with cheese on the bottom, then toppings and the sauce on top. Despite what some pizza enthusiasts say, it’s ok to eat Chicago style pizza with a fork. This 10″ pie was rich and filling. Despite being covered in it, the pizza sauce they use is light and not overpowering. There were also  big chunks of tomato in the sauce which I liked – adding a touch of sweetness to the bite, but Cherry wasn’t a fan of them. The sausage was extremely flavorful and one of my favorite parts of the pizza. Their crust, which is made fresh and in-house, carried a pleasant crunch and texture. One thing unique about Kylie’s, is the addition of cornmeal in their pizza dough. That extra texture really shines in each bite.

My Conclusion:

I wasn’t blown away. The sausage and crust were delicious, but I would have like to have just a lil’ more sausage on my pie. I will have to try their thin crust pizza next time for a better all-around conclusion, but as far as deep dish is concerned, Kylie’s offers a good pie.

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Cherry and I had some time to kill before a movie we were about to watch in Lower Queen Anne. Since we were hungry, it only made sense to hit up one of the nearby restaurants for happy hour. Located in a prime location of Seattle off Queen Anne Ave and Mercer St, Toulouse Petit is a trendy New Orleans style restaurant offering foods from the French Quarter. The interior is lit by a combination of candles and natural light from the large windows on the eastern wall. There’s a large bar lined with a plethora of wines and spirits, needless to say whatever your drink of choice is, they have you covered. Being “One of the Top 10 Best Happy Hours in the Nation” is a mighty claim and a hypothesis I will attempt to test.

pick your poison

The Food:



fried chicken gumbo $5

Cherry ordered the gumbo and there’s no question it was good because she only gave me one bite! From that bite however, I was able to taste the extremely rich and savory flavor of the roux. The fried chicken was almost like a popcorn chicken – breaded and fried pieces atop that provided great bite and crunch. I did get a piece of andouille sausage in my one bite and it was full of flavorful and had a present but not overpowering spice. I was only able taste those three elements from my bite, so unfortunately my data will require a larger sample – which I will happily oblige.



fried okra with creole remoulade $4

I only have two experiences with okra, neither of which involved me consuming it. The first is when I worked as a youlth counselor in a group home. It was frozen and cooked in a pot with salt and pepper. All I saw was green pieces of slimy mucous – not very appetizing. The second is with the Filipino dish, Pinakbet. Pinakbet is essentially a vegetable stew flavored by bagoong – again not the most visually appetizing dish. When trying okra for the first time, having it breaded and deep fried is a safe way to go. I wasn’t able to escape the slimy inside, but the breading helped counter with a crunchy texture. There was a slight bitterness to it but the creamy sweetness of creole remoulade really made it an enjoyable bite. When I’ve talked to friends and family about okra, I’ve found two camps; you love it or you hate it. If it’s breaded and deep fried…  I don’t mind it.



fried green tomatoes with remoulade $4

The breading used for the green tomatoes is the same as the okra – and it works well. The green tomato, which has a milder flavor and firmer texture than a red tomato and reminds like a cucumber slice but with a more subdued flavor. Despite sitting on a spread of remoulade and having a tomato slice in the breading, it maintained integrity and crunch through the whole meal. Each bite was pleasant, providing good crunch and texture.


tomba tuna tartare with horseradish-truffle vinaigrette $7

Tartare reminds me of an ahi poke, minus the shoyu and chopped into smaller pieces. The tuna tasted fresh and the seasonsing highlighted the flavor of the tuna, while the raw quail egg added a rich and creamy texture and flavor to the spread. The crostini provided excellent crunch with the spread and made each bite delectable. Overall, all the elements in this delicious dish were both beautifully prepared and plated.

barbequed shrimp $6

This dish was an impulse order. Cherry was in the mood for some shrimp and chose the barbequed shrimp new orleans. It was served in a small skillet with five shrimp and a side of grits. The shrimp were well prepared, big, and the flavors went wonderfully with the rich and creamy grits. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sauce that was drizzled over the shrimp. It carried a sweetness that took away from the rich flavors of the shrimp and grits. Cherry, who prefers sweet over savory, enjoyed it.  I think a spicy sauce would have given the dish the umph it was lacking for me.



sazerac: rye whiskey, pernod absinthe, bitters, sugar $7.5

It had rich woody flavors from the oak but it was balanced well by the sours and sugar. I was excited to be trying absinthe for the first time because of all things I’ve heard about it having been banned in the US another other things… Sadly though, I’ve never had absinthe by itself, so I don’t have a reference to make out the flavor… and even more sadly I didn’t experience psychoactive effects. Nevertheless, it is strong drink! Be careful ordering more than one.



discovering disneyland

My Conclusion:

When you step into a restaurant that is regionally or ethnically influenced, you will inevitably try new things. Today was one of those days – it was my first time trying okra, fried green tomatoes, tartare, grits, and absinthe. I have just experienced an epiphany! Toulouse Petit has officially erased my preconceptions of happy hour and opened my eyes to a world beyond burgers, chicken wings, and nachos – which I’m not knocking, because I love those too! It’s like the feeling you get as a kid,  your only experience of an amusement park is from the local fair or carnival… then you go to Disneyland for the first time. Yeah… it was like that. But let me come down from cloud 9 and end this post with my with my conclusion. At this point, my research sample isn’t big enough for me to place Toulouse Petit in a National Top 10, however my personal analysis concludes in saying their happy hour is like being at the Happiest Place on Earth! To strengthen my claim, I will require further testing which includes a more thorough and frequent analysis.

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After work, yesterday, Cherry picked me up and we decided to grab a quick bite before my class. As a foodie, driving down Broadway is like, being a kid in a candy store – there is literally something for everyone no matter what kind of food you’re looking for! The Deluxe Bar and Grill  is a nice dive located on Capitol Hill at the north end of Broadway. Offering 19-different brews on tap and a huge list of house infused spirits, libations are in full effect.! Once you enter, eyes will immediately be drawn to the large dark wood bar that acts like the centerpiece. Looking around, the dark wood accents and faux brick flooring add charm and character to the ambience. Natural light shines through the many windows during the day which works great with the casual atmosphere. It was conveniently Happy Hour, so we decided to share a burger and a few appetizers.

The Food:

spicy chicken club 

chicken quesadillas, fried mac & cheese, loaded tots

The Review:

 The Spicy Chicken Club featured; grilled chicken breast, pepper bacon, avocado and chipotle mayo on a toasted corn bun. Instead of the hand-cut fries, we chose a side of Chicken Tortilla soup. Portion sizes are extremely generous at Deluxe. Instead of just diving in and getting an initial bite of just the chicken breast and bacon protruding from out the bun, some finagling was required – enter “hand smash.” Immediately you’re hit with big flavors and textures; the firm yet soft corn bun, juicy chicken breast, spicy crunch of the bacon, creamy avocado, crisp green leaf and cool tomato all meshed together with the creamy and spicy chipotle mayo. Everything came together perfectly and each ingredient complimented the other very well! The Chicken Tortilla soup had rich bold flavors that really stood out. It also had tasty shreds of chicken breast that went well with the tomatoes and onions in the soup.

The Chicken Quesadillas had a nice golden brown color on the outside and a generous filling of adobo chicken, cheese and tomato inside. These were nice and cheesy, served with sides of salsa and chipotle ranch. I preferred the chipotle ranch over the salsa, which was vanilla to me– plain and ordinary.

The Fried Mac & Cheese has a nice crust all around from the flash fried panko crumbs and carried a cheesy flavor throughout. Personally, I love mac & cheese, especially if there is sharp flavorful cheese. These, however fell a little flat for me – it lacked “pop.” I think  a pepper jack would have provided the missing link. Thankfully, the chipotle ranch gave it a nice lift.

The Loaded Tater Tots were possibly the best appetizer of the three. Covered in melted cheddar cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and green onions with a wallop of sour cream. Think of a plate of nachos with tots instead of chips. The dish may have been put in the oven a little too long due to the cheese being over cooked, but the dish as whole was still a success. What would have been the icing on the cake is if they added some sliced jalapeños on top!

My conclusion:

Deluxe sits in a  diverse area with many different types of restaurants and cafés, however it stands alone when it comes to, home favorite comfort foods Whether you’re looking for a good burger, good brew, strong cocktails or just a good time, Deluxe has something for you!

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