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Ask any Seattleite where to find a great burger, and I bet  9 out of 10 people will mention Red Mill Burgers. Opening its doors 1937 (originally on Capitol Hill), Red Mill’s has been a local favorite for over 75 years! They currently have three locations; Phinney Ridge, Interbay and the Totem House . The Interbay location has a combination of old 50’s drive-in and modern decorations. There’s a large menu board above the counter and several booths to sit at. The service is friendly and their burgers are a perennial contender for Seattle Weekly’s  “Best Burger.”

redmill.muralmural outside


redmill.entrancemain entrance


redmill.counter ordering counter


redmill.decor retro decor



The Food:


 redmill.cheeseburgercheeseburger: american cheese, lettuce, mill sauce $4.09


redmill.grease just lil’ something extra for those arteries

Cherry went with the classic cheeseburger. Everything came together like a traditional cheeseburger should, but nothing stood out… nothing made it shine among others. The cheese was melted nicely and the meat tasted fresh, but the patty was extremely greasy! By the time cherry was done with her burger, there was a puddle or dark oil that accumulated and even a large section that saturated through the wrapper!


 redmill.bluecheesebleu cheese & bacon burger: crumbled bleu cheese, pepper bacon,
lettuce, tomato, mill sauce  $6.79

Opting for something higher in the calorie count, I went with the bleu cheese and bacon burger. I immediately noticed the two large pieces or pepper bacon protruding from the bun. The bacon was crispy, flavorful, and went well the sharp and salty bleu cheese. All the vegetables added a nice freshness to the bite as well. T’was a tasty burger, but nothing blew me away. The side of fries, which will put you back $2.09, came, hot, crispy and seasoned.

My Conclusion:

Red Mill Burgers offers a classic burger with a small selection for those looking for something other than cheese and bacon. I know I am in the extremely small minority when I say, Red Mill Burger is overrated! If you read anything related to Seattle and burgers, you will undoubtedly find Red Mill at the top… however after three visits, I’d beg to differ. Call me blasphemous, but I tell it like see it…or in this case, like I taste it.


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