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I am going to make a bold statement and say,  EVERYONE must put down Hash House a Go Go on their bucket list – it is that amazing! A major focus for Cherry and I whenever we travel, is to hit up places that have been featured on Foodnetwork. One of my favorites, Man vs. Food ,(now known as Man vs. Food Nation) featured Hash House, and am I sure glad he did! The location in Imperial Palace can be a little tricky to find – you have to take an escalator that’s located in the middle of the casino floor near the slot-machines. There isn’t a whole lot of signage, but asking any employee will get you there. The interior has a combination of industrial meets rocker. Signed photos of celebrities cover the wall as you enter and then you immediately notice the stainless steel tables and chairs that fill the floor. Our server was awesome! He literally ran from table to table but maintained a very friendly, composed and polite demeanor the entire time. Now, for the meat and potatoes!

farm scramble: hardwood smoked bacon, avocado, onion, swiss with crispy potatoes  & biscuit

 I would consider this a “lighter” selection from HH’s menu. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the combination of bacon and creamy avocado was great. I am not crazy for swiss cheese and felt pepperjack could have spiced up the dish a little bit more. The potatoes were tasty and had a nice crunch on the outside. Hash House definitely has awesome biscuits! They’re HUGE, always fresh, and baked to perfection!

 farm benedicts: (HH original) smoked bacon, fresh tomato, fresh spinach, roasted red pepper sauce cream and two basted eggs

This benedict was really good. The roasted red pepper sauce was rich and savory and did a wonderful job blending the flavors from the bacon, tomato, spinach and eggs. Instead of an english muffin, HH uses their delicious biscuits that taste like buttery bliss in your mouth. Let me try and take you on a mouthwatering journey of each bite. After the initial blast of savory goodness from the red pepper sauce and bacon, you’re transported to the creamy calmness of the basted egg and egg yolk. That trip doesn’t last long because you’re immediately thrown into the refreshing flavors of the tomato and spinach. Entering the final descent, you are driven through the buttery biscuit and you finally land in the soft arms of the griddled mashed potatoes….I love to travel 🙂

 farm benedicts: (featured on Man vs. Food) andy’s sage fried chicken, fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs

When it comes to HH’s benedicts, one thing to keep in mind is that the pictures aren’t the most flattering or appealing. That is why you should never judge a book by its cover. Beneath that layer of chipotle sauce is the mouth watering (and high cholesterol inducing) treasure of; sage fried chicken, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese and biscuit! Oh… and also fresh spinach and tomato. The fried chicken had great crunch and flavor – even with the sauce that was ladled all over. I had to finagle each humungous bite to make sure I was able to get everything in one shot. The bacon was full of savory goodness and really rang through this symphony of gluttony! The halved biscuit acted as the support to this structure and did a great job melding all the textures, layers and flavors together under its buttery coating. Griddled mashed potatoes also sat under this behemoth and acted as the cement that held the beams which everything rested on. Just imagine all the guilty foodie pleasures you would want – you have it in this dish. This benedict wasn’t the featured challenge on MVF but it definitely could have been! I unfortunately, was unable to conquer this meal… today, food won.


My Conclusion:

Do yourself a favor and go Hash House a Go Go.  Nevada is lucky to have five locations (four in Las Vegas) but there is also one in San Diego and one in Chicago. HH is truly a foodies paradise. The individual dishes are big enough to share and the prices are extremely reasonable for the amount of food that comes on each plate. Everything tastes amazing and you will not walk out hungry or disappointed. The only regret is forgetting the cot for the food coma that I suffered!


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The second place we had dinner while in Las Vegas was Serendipity 3. S3 carried a lot of praise and high expectations due to its extremely popular name and famous desserts, so we were all excited to see what all the hype was about. The first thing I noticed when walked up to the restaurant was the line that was outside the door. To me, a long line to an already full house is usually a very promising sign. We were seated a little after our reservation time and looking around, I wasn’t impressed. The dining floor is essentially a large concrete box – four walls with a roof. There was no real rhyme or reason to how the tables were set, as some were adjacent to each other while others were randomly placed to fill space. It was pretty chaotic seeing, what seemed like 100 servers dashing in and out between tables. The walls were randomly decorated with pink clocks, high school flags and whimsical painted swirls on the ceiling. The second thing I noticed was the noise level. Granted it’s a “touristy” themed restaurant in the middle of the  Vegas Strip, but the noise wasn’t so much from the all the patrons – it was from the music! It seemed like the Top-40 Pop Songs were playing on a loop which can drive anyone crazy. Seriously… how much Nicki Minaj needs to be aired before it is considered inhumane?!

The Food:

 the big chili

serendipity 3 chopped chicken salad: greens, grilled chicken, cucumber, baby tomatoes, sweet corn, hearts of palm, ranch

The Review

 The only thing “big” about this chili was the price! For $10 I was expecting a bowl of chili that would satisfy even a child’s appetite. What came out was a shallow saucer with maybe 1 ½ cup of chili and a huge glob of sour cream on top. Also to my disappointment, there was no cornbread! Serving chili with no cornbread is like getting a bowl of milk with no cereal…  The one thing I can say about this chili was that it was flavored well. The richness of the seasonings really came through and wasn’t masked behind the ground beef and kidney beans.

After a scorching afternoon in the Vegas sun, I was in the mood for something cool, refreshing and even a little healthier. Enter the Serendipity 3 Chopped Chicken Salad. If I could sum up this salad in one word, it would be: forgettable. Putting price aside ($16) what was presented was some chopped romaine lettuce mixed with some tomatoes, cucumbers and frozen chicken breast chunks tossed in ranch. The tomatoes did seem fresh, but the chicken breast was definitely of the frozen variety in which you could find at your local Coscto. I am still wondering how anyone could justify charging $16 dollars for this kind of salad.

My Complaint

 It is not unusual to have people in a large party order various things off the menu as their main dish – appetizers, entrées, soups, salads etc. We had a few people order soup with a side salad as their meal and even a person who ordered a sundae as his meal! With that said, its not unreasonable to expect that everyone’s order come out together so everyone can eat at the same time. I guess that expectation was too much for the staff at S3. One person got her soup before anything else came out… finished it, and then got her salad after while everyone else was still waiting for their food! Another friend ordered the Dinosaur Beef Ribs with a side of steamed broccoli. They’re steamer must have been out-of-order because she didn’t get her steamed broccoli until she was half way done with her ribs! Not only did everyone’s food come out at different times, sides of an entrée even  came out separately! I generally try to write positive reviews and tend to post on places I feel other people would enjoy. However, wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t share the horrible service at S3.

 My Conclusion:

 If you’re looking for a tourist prices and pretty pink décor that’s suited for a 12-year old girl’s bedroom, then S3 is your place. The food is mediocre at best and everything carries a hefty price tag… they have a $1,000 sundae for crying out loud! Don’t come here expecting to be a winner… because at Serendipity 3, the only winner is the house.

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It’s been a while since my last post and what better way to brush off the dust than to report back from Las Vegas! Cherry and I recently returned from our close friend’s Birthday weekend in Vegas and decided to dine at places that were great for groups, satisfied our palates (and hunger) and didn’t burn a hole through our pockets. We definitely found that at Grand Lux Café! When we entered, we were immediately seated in a large booth that fit seven of us. The interior was nicely decorated with extremely high ceilings and well balanced lighting. One thing I noticed is that they played sweet music too! I don’t usually pay attention to the background music in a restaurant, but I was definitely vibin’ to the smooth hits of Pattie Labelle and Sade!

The Food:

crispy calamari

sunday night pasta: slow-simmered meat sauce with chunks of beef short ribs, fresh mushrooms, onions, garlic and parmesan over spaghettini

indochine shrimp & chicken: jumbo shrimp, chicken, onions and sweet ginger sautéed in a spicy curry, plum wine and cream sauce topped with sun-dried cherries and apricots


The Review:

The calamari was fried nicely with a good crunchy outer and a tender inside. It was served with a side of marinara that added a savory touch to the dish. Not the most memorable calamari ever, but it hit the spot!

The Sunday night pasta was ginormous! The meat sauce was extremely tasty with rich and bold flavors from the beef, onions and garlic. Everything about this plate was big! The huge chunks of beef, mushrooms, and tomatoes made it look almost like a beef stew. All this meaty goodness was resting atop a mountain of spaghettini which was cooked perfectly. This dish is ideal for pasta lovers that don’t mind getting bang for their buck!

I usually stray away from shrimp dishes when I’m at a restaurant because in my experience “jumbo” isn’t very jumbo… However much to my delight, these shrimp were as advertised and were a perfect paring to the chicken. The sauce was not as spicy as I’d like, but it nicely combined all the flavors in perfect harmony. The sun dried cherries and apricots caught me guard with how sweet they were – but they didn’t take away from the dish at all. The sweetness of the fruits and the savory of the meats and curry sauce really created an awesome flavor explosion! I was very happy with my choice.

My Conclusion:

I think I have found a new favorite spot in Vegas here. Not only do they serve delicious and reasonable priced food, they’re open late night! The Grand Lux located in the Venetian is open 24-hours! The only downfall I can say about my experience here was my physical inability to try everything on the menu! The seven entrees that were served amongst our group all looked delicious and from what our friends stated, they tasted even better than they looked. People often go to Las Vegas with dreams of winning big, but only a few actually come out on top. After this meal, I can honestly say, I was ahead of the house.

the crew 🙂

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