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Cherry and I returned to Thai Fusion Bistro the other night before a movie screening we were about to catch. You can read a more detailed review from our previous visit here. On this visit, we opted for a quicker meal – sharing an entree and appetizer.

The Food:

fresh spring rolls: lettuce, chicken, shrimps, basil, and cilantro freshly rolled in rice paper with peanut sauce $5.95

 My initial impression when they served our spring rolls was, “…nice presentation?” The boat shaped plate was too big for dish and the sparsely added carrots and red cabbage made the plate look messy. I also noticed that some of the wrappers were tearing and the lettuce was bulging through. The small amount of chicken, which was thickly wrapped in lettuce, was dry and flavorless. There was a half piece of shrimp also in there but was overshadowed by all the lettuce! The only saving grace was the peanut sauce which added rich flavor and helped counter all the dry ingredients.


chicken spicy basil: chicken breast, sautéed basil, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms in chili sauce $ 9.95

 This dish was more appealing to look at. Not only did the colors of the bell peppers and basil pop, the flavors were just as vibrant. Basil brings a very bright flavor that works well with the onions, mushrooms and the chili sauce. The chicken breast was plentiful but  relied on the chili sauce and basil to make it come alive. Everything was stir-fried nicely and this dish went well with the rice we had on the side.


My Conclusion:

 I am a little torn about my second dining experience here. On one hand, they completely dropped the ball on the fresh spring rolls but made up for it with a nicely prepared spicy basil dish. I am still holding true to my first post in saying this, Thai Fusion Bistro is a convenient spot to catch dinner – just stick with the stir fry dishes.

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Located in Thornton Place, Thai Fusion Bistro is a newer restaurant in a convenient location for both visitors and residents of this new commercial/residential part of Northgate. Cherry and I stopped in for dinner before a movie and for being 5:45pm, it was pretty empty inside – only a few parties seated aside from us. The interior is darkly decorated with a combination of traditional Thai art on a modern backdrop. As soon as we entered, we were greeted and immediately seated next to the large open window overlooking the courtyard.

view from outside

 view from inside



The Food:

chicken pad thai: stir-fried noodle, chicken, egg, ground peanut, fresh bean sprouts, green onion $9.95

Cherry ordered her usual – pad thai 🙂 It had a nice rich flavors of fish sauce and spices as well as a smokiness to each bite. I’ve had pad thai from other places where the sauce seems to have a tomato base – almost like ketchup. However, you can taste the distinct layers of flavors in their sauce – very tasty! The chicken breast was plentiful and the noodles were well cooked – not too soft and not too hard. The carrots, red cabbage and green onions provide nice bright colors that look very appealing.

chicken pad prig khing: sautéed chicken, green beans, onions, bell peppers, basil & prig khing chili paste $9.95

The pad prig khing was delicious. All the ingredients were cooked perfectly with all the vegetables carrying a bright crunch. The varying flavors of the onions, bell peppers and prig khing chili paste all combined to bring deep, bold and savory flavors. The basil was a bright countering flavor to the rest of the dish and worked great. To date, this is one of my favorite Thai dishes I’ve had. Again, with this dish, the red peppers, green beans and basil all provide vibrant colors that pop.

My Conclusion:

Nice spot in a newer part of Northgate for some tasty Thai food. The servers were polite and the establishment is very clean. I’m sure being slow was a major factor at the time, but the service was extremely fast – we waited less than 10-minutes before it was being served on our table!

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