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After work, yesterday, Cherry picked me up and we decided to grab a quick bite before my class. As a foodie, driving down Broadway is like, being a kid in a candy store – there is literally something for everyone no matter what kind of food you’re looking for! The Deluxe Bar and Grill  is a nice dive located on Capitol Hill at the north end of Broadway. Offering 19-different brews on tap and a huge list of house infused spirits, libations are in full effect.! Once you enter, eyes will immediately be drawn to the large dark wood bar that acts like the centerpiece. Looking around, the dark wood accents and faux brick flooring add charm and character to the ambience. Natural light shines through the many windows during the day which works great with the casual atmosphere. It was conveniently Happy Hour, so we decided to share a burger and a few appetizers.

The Food:

spicy chicken club 

chicken quesadillas, fried mac & cheese, loaded tots

The Review:

 The Spicy Chicken Club featured; grilled chicken breast, pepper bacon, avocado and chipotle mayo on a toasted corn bun. Instead of the hand-cut fries, we chose a side of Chicken Tortilla soup. Portion sizes are extremely generous at Deluxe. Instead of just diving in and getting an initial bite of just the chicken breast and bacon protruding from out the bun, some finagling was required – enter “hand smash.” Immediately you’re hit with big flavors and textures; the firm yet soft corn bun, juicy chicken breast, spicy crunch of the bacon, creamy avocado, crisp green leaf and cool tomato all meshed together with the creamy and spicy chipotle mayo. Everything came together perfectly and each ingredient complimented the other very well! The Chicken Tortilla soup had rich bold flavors that really stood out. It also had tasty shreds of chicken breast that went well with the tomatoes and onions in the soup.

The Chicken Quesadillas had a nice golden brown color on the outside and a generous filling of adobo chicken, cheese and tomato inside. These were nice and cheesy, served with sides of salsa and chipotle ranch. I preferred the chipotle ranch over the salsa, which was vanilla to me– plain and ordinary.

The Fried Mac & Cheese has a nice crust all around from the flash fried panko crumbs and carried a cheesy flavor throughout. Personally, I love mac & cheese, especially if there is sharp flavorful cheese. These, however fell a little flat for me – it lacked “pop.” I think  a pepper jack would have provided the missing link. Thankfully, the chipotle ranch gave it a nice lift.

The Loaded Tater Tots were possibly the best appetizer of the three. Covered in melted cheddar cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and green onions with a wallop of sour cream. Think of a plate of nachos with tots instead of chips. The dish may have been put in the oven a little too long due to the cheese being over cooked, but the dish as whole was still a success. What would have been the icing on the cake is if they added some sliced jalapeños on top!

My conclusion:

Deluxe sits in a  diverse area with many different types of restaurants and cafés, however it stands alone when it comes to, home favorite comfort foods Whether you’re looking for a good burger, good brew, strong cocktails or just a good time, Deluxe has something for you!

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