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Cherry and I stopped by Patz Pies as we began our drive from Kona to Na’Alehu. Located off Mamalahoa Hwy, Patz Pies is on the bottom floor of a small commercial building with a bakery next door. There is a very relaxed feel inside with a small patio in the back that overlooks the ocean. We didn’t order a whole pie, but instead ordered by the slice. Despite the written menu only offering three options of by the slice (cheese, veggie, pepperoni,) when asked, the girl said they could make any slice we wanted 🙂


the menu and front counter



The Food:


island style: ham, pineapple $3.50

Seeing as how we were already in Hawaii, it was fitting to name this pizza island style! I think there is a popular saying along the lines, “Once you go fresh pineapple on a pizza, you never go back…” After eating this, I can’t go back to eating the stuff on the mainland! Fresh pineapple has a sweetness and flavor that you just compare to the canned variety – that usually tastes like it’s been injected with sugar water. The subtleness of the pineapple worked wonderfully with the thick cut ham that was piled on. The cheese and sauce was minimal which really helped bring out the flavors of the toppings. The crust had great texture and crunch and was perfect in bringing everything together.


the killer: pepperoni, sausage, meatball, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions $3.50

 With a name like The Killer, it was a no-brainer to order this slice. The ingredients all went nicely together to provide great bite – the meats were savory and the onions and bell peppers added a countering bite. Again the sauce and cheese was minimal allowing the ingredients to shine. I really enjoyed the crust these pies, the crunch and char gave it characteristics of being from a wood fire oven.


My Conclusion:

It’s always great stumbling upon nice little spot that offers great food when you least expect it. With our stomachs growling and a long drive ahead of us, Patz Pies was that much needed rest stop in the middle of nowhere!

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I wasn’t joking in my previous post when I said we came here twice in two days… this place is that good! For this visit, Cherry and I both tried the poke bowls which consist of 1/3 lb. of poke, one scoop of rice and a choice of side.


The Food:

shoyu poke (ahi, shoyu, green onion, onion), white rice, seaweed salad $9.50

Shoyu poke is a traditional style of poke in Hawaii. The simple ingredients do a wonderful job enhancing the natural and delicate flavors of the ahi. Da Poke Shack doesn’t lie when they promote their foods as, “Always fresh, never frozen.” The ahi was amazingly fresh and most likely brought in that very morning. Unfortunately the poke was too salty for my taste – some shoyu’s are saltier than others. I was still able to taste the freshness of the ahi, but it was tragically overshadowed by the shoyu sauce. The seaweed salad is of the typical variety you can find in most restaurants and grocery stores – bright flavors and very green!


pele’s kiss (ahi, spicy sauce, onion, green onion) white rice, seaweed salad $9.50

 Pele’s kiss was very good! The spicy sauce had creamy texture with great kick and reminded me like a spicy tuna roll (without the rice and nori.) The onions added a countering texture that balanced the ahi very well and provided a bright crunch. This was one of my favorite flavors offered at Da Poke Shack. For anyone unfamiliar with Hawaiian religion, Pele refers to the goddess of wind, fire, lightning and volcanoes… needless to say we were touched by a goddess 🙂


My Conclusion:

If my reviews and pictures of Da Poke Shack haven’t prompted you to book for the next flight to Kona, Hawaii then maybe these pictures will. I dabble in photography whenever I can 😉


kona side sunset

hibiscus in alii garden market, kona hi

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Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii! Cherry and I were only here for a few days so we did not have as much time as we would have liked to indulge in the wonderful world of local food! The one place we did go to, (twice in two days!) was Da Poke Shack. Poke which is Hawaiian for, “to cut,” is an appetizer traditionally consisting of chopped raw ahi (yellowfin tuna) mixed with onion, green onion, shoyu (soy) and sesame oil. It’s a very delicious and savory dish that is extremely popular in Hawaii. Located in Kona in small parking lot on Alii Dr. – if it wasn’t for the small sign on the side of the road, it would be virtually invisible from all passersby.  The shop is small with only two benches outside for seating, however you don’t come to Da Poke Shack for the seating, you come for the fresh ahi!

entrance of da shack!

 the menu

 fresh poke selection

 fresh sides


The Food: 

spicy tako poke: tako, garlic, sesame, chili’s, onion $9.99/lb.

Tako (octopus) poke is one of my favorites! It was extremely fresh the ideal textured balanace of firm yet chewy. They used the perfect mix of chili’s, sesame and garlic to provide savory and bright flavors that really pop! The spice level was also on point – subtle enough to not overpower any of the other ingredients, but present enough to leave your lips and taste buds with some nice heat.

poke bowl: hawaiian style poke (ahi, sweet sauce, crushed macadamia nuts, green onion), white rice, seaweed salad $9.50

The sweet sauce did a great blending all the ingredients and flavors together and crushed macadamia nuts added a good textural component to the poke. Again, this poke was impeccably fresh and delicious!

lau lau plate: steamed pork butt & butterfish wrapped in tea and banana leaves, white rice, & kimchi mussels 8.99

Lau lau is one of my favorite local dishes. The pork was  full of flavor and extremely tender – literally falling apart on its own. The tea leaves and banana leaves provided an earthy saltiness to everything that works well in bringing out the natrual flavors of the pork and butterfish. The side of kimchi mussels was amazing! The spice level wasn’t overbearing but left you feeling the spicy after taste and wanting more.


My Conclusion: 

The prices are very reasonable for the quality and portions of food offered here. As far as I’m concerned, I could eat here everyday and never get tired of it. And no, we didn’t order all this food There’s a large variety of sides that you can choose from for your meal and an even larger variety of poke! I really wish I could have tried their Pipi Kaula which is a Hawaiian style marinated dried beef. They also have many other flavors of poke that we just didn’t have enough room for in our stomachs!

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