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Irbille Edible’s August Pop-Up will marked his last Pop-Up of the Summer season. It also marked a continued partnership with Noel House Programs in that he donated 10% of the dinner’s proceeds to local Seattle Women in need.

new look to the menu

The Food:

calabasa: summer squash, fried blossom, longanisa sarsa  $10

The squash was nicely cooked with texture that wasn’t too soft and wasn’t too hard. The longanisa sarsa was the element of this dish that really shined through. It had a nice deep and salty flavor that highlighted the squash and did not overpower. Despite being deep fried, the blossom was light and airy. If all vegetable dishes were prepared this way – I may consider crossing into the dark side and becoming vegetarian!



gabi: garlic prawns, coconut braised taro leaves, forbidden rice  $16

The prawns were plump and perfectly prepared. Each bite of the prawn was flavorful with an ideal firm texture and as the dishes focal point, they were pleasant to look at. This was my first time eating braised taro leaves and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They brought a deep earthy flavor that contrasted nicely to the more bright flavors of the prawns. This was also my first time eating forbidden rice, and if I were to take a blind-taste test between it, and white rice – it’d be a toss up. However, texturally, forbidden rice grains are a little larger and rounder than calrose or jasmine rice – it reminds me almost like an arborio rice.


nanay’s adobo: braised pork, leeks, poached egg, garlic rice, adobo  $14

If you’re going to serve an item advertised as adobo in a Filipino Pop-up/Restaurant, then you’d better be sure you’re bringing your A-game. From a flavor profile’s standpoint, Chef Irbille and his team was on point. The braised pork was tender and there was no missing the soy sauce and vinegar flavors that are staples in this dish. I wasn’t able to make out the leeks however- they were unfortunately masked beneath the strong and bold flavors of the pork adobo. Adding a subtle creamy flavor to everything was the egg yolk – from the perfectly poached egg. The one critique I will have for this dish is regarding the portion size – which was very small for my liking. Generously gauging, there may have been two-tablespoons of pork between the rice and egg. Our dinner party consisted of three – Cherry and I as well as Cherry’s 11-year old god-daughter. Each of us literally had 1-spoon full of the dish before it was gone.


My Conclusion:

Chef Irbille has always created and served wonderfully flavorful & delicious dishes. He continues to present great interpretations of Filipino Classics while still paying homage to the originals. Having been to six of his Pop-Up’s I can honestly say that he is growing in his creativity and plating. That being said, as your average consumer, I am unaccustomed to the world of fine dining – which Chef Irbille and his Pop-Up’s border on. Though presented beautifully and with fresh and local ingredients, I find his dishes are little overpriced for the amount of food served. In order to walk out on a full stomach, be prepared to shell out $40-$50 per person – which may be little to some, but as a monthly supporter of Chef Irbille and his Pop-Ups, my pockets are on fire.


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Here is the menu for Irbille Edible’s July Pop-Up at Olivar in Seattle. Please call for reservations.



•Papaya Salad 8

papaya, radish,  mizuna, calamansi

• Kamatis Salad 8

heirloom tomatoes, red onions, crispy silver fish, cane vinegar

 Pagkaing Dagat

• Fried Talaba 12

fried pacific oyster, coconut rice,  grilled corn

• Scallop Sipo 16

seared scallops,  peas,  wallawalla onions, mushroom puree

• Gabi 15

coconut braised taro leaves, garlic prawns,  forbidden rice


• Sisig 10

seared pork, arugula, mango

• Pork Adobo 10

braised pork belly,  leeks, garlic rice, adobo sauce

• Grilled Manok 10

grilled chicken, fava beans,  braised new potatoes, apritada sauce

• Grilled Baka 12

grilled sirloin steak, sautéed red onions, cherry tomatoes, toyomansi sauce


• HaloHalo 8

coconut granite, ube ice cream, strawberries, jackfruit, coconut cream

• Champorado 8

chocolate rice pudding, raspberry ice cream, hazelnut polvoron crumbs



10% of the dinner’s proceeds will benefit Noel House Programs.

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 Just when you thought these Pop-Up’s couldn’t get any better, last nights event marked an occasion truly worth speaking of – 100% of the proceeds from last nights dinner are to be donated to Noel House Programs. For those that may not know, Noel House is the largest women’s only shelter in Seattle. Providing both permanent and temporary housing, food, resources and support for women in need, Noel House is truly a blessing for women in need. It is awesome  knowing that Irbille Edible’s partnered up with such a great organization.

The Food:

mango salad: manila mango, mizuna, watermelon radish, green mango vinaigrette

This salad was dressed wonderfully. The julienned mangos really popped against the backdrop of the mizuna and was a pleasing plate to look at. This is the second time I have mizuna (the first was at his April Pop-Up) and I can honestly say I enjoyed it! It has a more mild flavor than arugula and does well in cutting through the sweetness of the mango. One critique I have about this dish is I didn’t notice the watermelon radish – which was listed on the menu. 

roasted eggplant: baby eggplant, bell peppers, almond sauce

Cherry and I opted to lean away from our norm and order the roasted eggplant. The eggplant was roasted nicely with a good char and soft inner layer. The almond sauce added a countering sweetness almost like a peanut sauce and worked great with the eggplant! However, again, the menu stated the dish would come with bell peppers, and if my memory (and photo) serve me correct, there were none.

 steak bagoong: anchovy marinated hanger steak, purple yams, heirloom tomato

For me, this dish was the highlight of the meal. The steak was cooked perfectly with a perfect char on the outside and a tender pink in the middle. The anchovy (or bagoong) marinated stead had great flavor and really added a nice depth of flavor. Acting almost like a sweet potato mash, the purple yams added a delicious touch when combined with the tomato and steak, it was sublime.


 My Conclusion:

It is always great coming to these Pop-Up dinners,  not only to support an up-and-coming chef, but also a friend. Being able to witness Chef Irbille’s progression of his creativity, technique and plating from his first Pop-up to now, is truly something great. Learning and growth is something that is constantly the goal of any professional and despite some missing elements on our dishes, these miscues were mere hiccups in the overall dinner. Furthermore, in the grand scheme of things, the main winners are the residents  and staff at Noel House, for they are the ones who will directly benefit from this event – I was lucky enough to be apart of the ride.

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